March News

Super Endurance Championship+ Championships in Guangdong

Date:05-15-2019    See:1074

On May 2, the opening battle of the SEC Super Endurance Championship in Guangdong was officially launched.

On May 3, the first race of Guangdong Championship Car Race officially opened here.



     With better quality and research ability, RYDANZ tire has become the official designated tire.Competition with Brands such as Pirelli Tire

The formula car tiresRF300 and RW pattern tires developed by RYDANZ have gained the trust and support of many teams in the competition, and the teams fighting with RYDANZ tires have achieved satisfactory results in the competition.

According to Rao Long, a team player, the performance of RW tire in rainy land is much better than the team's expectation.The tire is very stable in wet environment. Although there is still a certain gap between RW tire and top formula tire, they are confident to cooperate with RYDANZ to continuously improve this product.