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RYDANZ Tire Drift Team D1 GRAND PRIX Drift Grand Prix

Date:05-26-2018    See:4629

On May 19-20, 2018, the D1 Grand Prix Drift Grand Prix China Cup, known as the "F1" of the drifting world, was launched in Beijing.
D1 GRAND PRIX originated in Japan and is currently the world's highest level of drifting events. It attracted many tire manufacturers such as Tong Yiou, FEIJIN, Atlas, etc., Zhang Shaohua, Saito Taiwu, Chuan Yuzhen, Matt Field and other internationally renowned drift drivers, as well as a large number of automotive enthusiasts.

The drift race has very high demands on the wear resistance, grip and handling of tires. To ensure that the tires achieve a strong grip in a short period of time, to avoid the skidding of the car, a collision accident occurs. Based on the track, RYDANZ specially designed and developed the super-sports tire REVIMAX R03. It has excellent steering precision and extraordinary sports performance, taking into account both wear resistance and grip.

In order to ensure the smooth completion of the race, in addition to developing tires specifically for the track, RYDANZ sent four professional drivers Wu Jiaxuan, Zhao Xiaodong, Hou Shaoyu, and Ma Linxuan. They are very powerful in terms of driving skills and psychological quality.


Wu Jiazhen had been fighting for Formula Drift for many years and officially announced his return to China in 2016. The FD campaign for many years not only allowed Wu Jialu to accumulate a wealth of experience, but also made him gain a reputation in the drifting community.
Wu Jialu is currently the instructor of the Mercedes-AMG Driving School. He is a top eight driver of the formula shift drift Grand Prix and a BMW factory team driver of the former World Touring Car Championship (Wtcc). He won the China Drift Championship and the D1 Grand Prix China Cup runner-up. And other honorary titles.



After two days of fierce competition, driver Wu Jialu was ranked 16th. Drivers ranked Shaoxing in 19th place and both entered the 24th. Congratulations to them.

RYDANZ Tire utilizes racing and track to test tire performance, accumulate product quality and continuously optimize. RYDANZ tire has been making unremitting efforts in the brand building, quality optimization, research and development processes, and strive to kill a world of their own. At the same time, RYDANZ is also actively using sports events to enhance the brand image. Through participation in internationally renowned sports events, the development of the automotive drift movement is enhanced, and the brand's high-end, international, hard-working and enterprising image is enhanced to enhance its position in the minds of consumers. On the basis of both product and brand strength, RYDANZ will realize the leap-forward development of domestic tire brands and highlight the strength of their own brand tires.
This is just the beginning, the next battle, Shanghai Railway Station, RYDANZ tire continues to force the stadium, let us wait and see.